Discover Melbourne

Discover Melbourne is a proposed concept for an interactive tourism map for Melbourne's various tourist destinations in the form of a multi-touch kiosk and a mobile application.

The Problem
Aside from being rated as the world's most liveable city, Melbourne is also known as Australia's arts and cultural capital with a thriving arts scene to boast. Although there is an endless amount of things to do within the city that touch on this diverse culture, including but not limited to arts, fashion, food, music, film, events, and environment, there is currently a lack of interactive platforms that allows for any tourist to be aware of everything that Melbourne has to offer.

The proposed multi-touch kiosk entitled, Discover Melbourne, is designed to solve this problem through a fun and visually exciting manner. It seeks to improve the quality of user experience and interaction at various landmarks and places of interest around Melbourne for both tourists and the public while further enhancing their overall experience in Melbourne.

The main objective of conducting research is to understand the various habits of my target audience and to find out what would make their overall experience in Melbourne a pleasant one. My primary research will consist of analysing the various results taken from the International Visitor Survey by TRA. In addition, I conducted a series of online surveys among 30 respondents that will provide further insight into the minds of a tourist, which will consequently be useful in the development of the multi-touch kiosk.

I summarised key insights from my primary and secondary research in the form of a user persona below. Click here to download a more comprehensive PDF document that outlines my survey questionnaire, results and analysis.

Purpose and High-Level Functionality
The high-level purpose of the interactive multi-touch kiosk is to improve the quality of user experience and interaction at various landmarks and places of interest around Melbourne for both tourists and the public in a fun and engaging manner. It allows users to:

  • Locate and find out more information on iconic landmarks within Melbourne.
  • Compare between two or more places of interest in Melbourne.
  • Have the option to select between Map View, which allows users to view a large map of Melbourne and other popular tourist destinations or Virtual View, which allows users to view themselves at the various locations in real-time.
  • Plan their journey to the various locations that they might be interested in.
  • Get discounted prices and rates specially for tourists at selected cafes, restaurants or for other tourist attractions in Melbourne.
  • Download a portable map of Melbourne into their smartphones.
  • Rate and recommend other places to go for other tourists.
  • Take photographs of themselves in popular destinations around Melbourne via the Photo Booth function, thus creating a form of augmented reality that virtually positions them there. 

Proposed Partnership
There are many advertising opportunities available through the interactive multi-touch kiosk. Discount offers will be provided at the back of every print outs. We intend to work with well-renowned local startups that wishes to gain further exposure for their business. And also for other entertainment categories such as theatre, musicals, art galleries etc. that may serve as an interesting activities for Melbourne tourists.

Proposed Locations
The multi-touch kiosk will be strategically set up at various landmarks or places of interest in Melbourne that tourists mostly frequent to such as Federation Square, Chinatown, Docklands or Williamston just to name a few. Aside from the various landmarks or places of interest in Melbourne, there will also be a few multi-touch kiosks placed at the airport terminals for incoming and outgoing tourists. Tourists who have yet to complete their itinerary are able to still ‘virtually explore’ Melbourne within the time frame that they are waiting in the terminal to board their flight. On the other hand, the incoming tourists are able to plan their travel itinerary from the airport and get excited as they get to make the most of their time in Melbourne by deciding which places to go at the start of their holiday.

Proposed Screens
In addition to the multi-touch kiosk, a mobile app will be developed as well. The mobile app will feature similar functions as the multi-touch kiosk minus the photobooth functions. Users are able to download the mobile app at every multi-touch kiosk by connecting to the free wi-fi connection made available for tourists and other users. 

The overall look and feel of the mobile app will follow closely to the multi touch kiosk minus a few functions. There will not be any photo booth function within the mobile app. However, there will be a ‘Route Transaction Number’ function that users are able to key in upon using the journey planner from the interactive kiosk. Upon planning their route using the ‘Journey Planner’, users are given a random number which can be keyed in the mobile app. Consequently, the route information that the users have meticulously planned will come up in their mobile phone and they are able to save and keep it for reference when going to their destination.