Formats Showcase

Concept developed in collaboration with James Dobson, Hayden Doward and Via David.
Website and Touch Table developed in collaboration with Naomi Ruys, Hayden Doward and Carson Shen.

Formats, initially branded as Students Showcase, is a proposed UX design solution, as a means of supporting and enhancing Monash University's Communication Design Graduate Show Exhibition by engaging users in an extended experience of the event via digital technologies. 

View live website here.

The Problem
There is currently an existing online platform known as MADA Now, which effectively showcase graduate works. While the proposed Student Showcase encompasses presentation of graduating student work via a responsive website as well as a prominent interactive display within the exhibition space, it also has to create a unique experience for the users.

We approached the brief by first conducting interviews among third-year Communication Design students, Alumnis as well as MADA lecturers. Our goal was to understand the habits of our target audience and find out what would make their overall experience at the graduation show a pleasant one. Some of the key findings that we have found out includes:

  • Majority of our respondents are comfortable in an exhibition when they are in the company of friends and family members, which results in a longer visit to the place of exhibit.
  • The website is highly regarded as a resource to find out more information pertaining to the exhibition and also as a measure to see if the exhibition is worth going or not.
  • Almost all of the respondents used their smartphones whilst at an exhibition as a means to take photos of the work that they liked and also as a method to capture further information regarding the work, which they can view later.
  • They preferred to view works that had the least amount of instructions and will not engage in anything complicated.

Most importantly, our biggest key finding was driven by the question below, which involved the traits and characteristics of a design graduate that employers valued the most.

This was most interesting to us. It is worth noting that all of us are design students and while every one of us may have chosen to major in different specialisations such as Print, UX or Motion, the one thing that truly separates us from one another is our distinctive personality, which will be the main component that drives our concept.

The concept will priimarily feature a social experience for our target audience. Every page is reflective of them inclusive of their works and the memories that they had as a MADA student with others. Each student shall have their wall, populated with a combination of work, text, drawings and photographs that will overview the student. The content will be displayed in a grid structure, which automatically aligns and distributes the images, photos or text into an interlocked grid format.

We are more than just our work.
Here at MADA, our design skills aren't the only thing that we've developed over the last three years. Making new friendships, cultivating new relationships and making memories that will last far beyond our time at the campus. It is these Monash memories, and the personality of those who have made them that is the focus of our creative approach, to facilitate the thought that “We are more than our work. You matter."

We created wireframes for our proposed concept and conducted usability testing among our target audience. And we received great feedback, in which majority of our users could not wait for this concept to be implemented and be a part of the upcoming graduate show exhibition.

The home page consists of a grid of student items that link to student pages, organised in alphabetical order by last name, and the MADA logo. Each student item contains a portrait image, work thumbnail image and their name. The MADA logo is also prominently displayed throughout the home page, as part of the grid.

The individual student page shows how students are more than just their work. It features their names, a short introduction about the student, various social media links, profile image of the student as well as images of their works and social media photos taken with their coursemates.

The wireframes were later developed into visual prototypes below and subsequently proposed as the final design outcome to our client.

My Role
I played an integral part in writing down sample interview questions that would be used for the research component of this project and subsequently analysed the findings from the overall research that we have gathered, including other online websites. In addition, I assisted in conceptualising various ideas, created wireframes and provided feedback in every stage of the project. 

Upon completion of the conceptualisation part of the project, I played a huge role in building the front-end design for the website from scratch. I was responsible for creating the responsive grid framework for both the Home page as well as the Individual Student pages and creating the cascading style sheet for the site.